Full transparency of IT costs, IT projects and IT landscape

Andreas Müller explains how Bee360 helped bardusch to achieve transparency across
the project portfolio, reduce time expenditure for IT controlling and better manage investments.

Driving Dimensions to Succeed Digital Transformation

Today’s business leaders are confronted with numerous existential challenges, of which digital transformation is among the most pressing to leverage on the chances and stay competitive. This paper is designed to support CEOs, COOs, CIOs, and decision makers with best practices and thought leadership to create and implement digital transformation.

BeeCore: The Principles of a Fast Execution

In the past we have seen recurrent periods of high volatility. Especially in the last two decades, we have experienced six major global market fluctuations. This means that a globally-operating organization is likely to experience a phase of high volatility

BeeCore: Five Practices for Adaptive IT Governance

In today‘s VUCA world, neither strategies, nor leadership, nor ways of working are left untouched. Digital governance seeks to establish new ways of working to develop innovative digital products and services. In parallel with the new world, traditional ways of working focus on control and efficiency in mature areas of global IT organizations. IT governance… Continue reading BeeCore: Five Practices for Adaptive IT Governance

Predicts 2022: 3 Must Do’s for CIO Leadership

The pandemic seems to be in its final moves, yet the way we collaborate has changed drastically. The “new normal” appears to be what can be called a hybrid between digital and analog collaboration. Hence, certain challenges related to the topic of leadership will remain in the future. Control has to move for trust, offices… Continue reading Predicts 2022: 3 Must Do’s for CIO Leadership

At the Organization’s Driver’s Seat with a Digital Twin

Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs) have garnered increasing attention among IT leaders across the world. Originally adopted from its ancestor, the Digital Twin, DTOs provide promising benefits for the management and steering of organizations, including the identification of …

Gartner Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of an Organization 2021

Products vs Projects has been a heavily discussed topic in the last couple of years and the need for a product-oriented mindset and ways of working grows steadily in all different kinds of enterprises.

How Picking the Right Strategy Can Help Your Company to Win in the Turns

COVID-19 affected all industries around the world. Measured by the individual industries and companies, the effects are asymmetrical. Companies have to pursue different strategies to adapt to the new normal of the ecosystem surrounding them.

The Bee Experience: Holistic Management Everywhere, Anytime

The management of projects has become more complex with various tools. In addition, our daily digital lives are becoming an increasingly complex tool landscape. An additional overhead comes from managing and collaborating on projects between different team members and device requirements.

Effective Enterprise Architecture – What’s Value in EA?

The goal of Enterprise Architecture is to shape the transformation of the organization and help it take the right steps along the way. The architects’ path is often dominated by modeling and presenting their findings to the right stakeholders. They exert influence …