How Picking the Right Strategy Can Help Your Company to Win in the Turns


COVID-19 affected all industries around the world. Measured by the individual industries and companies, the effects are asymmetrical. Companies have to pursue different strategies to adapt to the new normal of the ecosystem surrounding them. Traditional analyses and measures based on measures per country or per industry can fail. Instead, each company must evaluate for its specific situation how it will react to the given circumstances and what strategy it must implement.

The timely implementation of a strategy, especially given the current level of market volatility, requires the definition and quick execution of a fully aligned plan. The definition and execution of a fully aligned plan is challenging but often there is no solid foundation to meet this challenge; data relevant to strategic decision-making is widely spread across different systems and only available in varying degrees of quality. There is no common view and language for creating and executing a plan.

Bee360 provides a basis for holistic management. Bee360 provides a common view and language for decision-relevant data by integrating different management areas into a single source of truth. It is this holistic approach that enables its users from IT and business to define and communicate a fully aligned plan, enable its execution and track the degree of goal achievement in iterative steps.

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