Full transparency of IT costs, IT projects and IT landscape

Andreas Müller explains how Bee360 helped bardusch to achieve transparency across
the project portfolio, reduce time expenditure for IT controlling and better manage investments.

Driving Dimensions to Succeed Digital Transformation

Today’s business leaders are confronted with numerous existential challenges, of which digital transformation is among the most pressing to leverage on the chances and stay competitive. This paper is designed to support CEOs, COOs, CIOs, and decision makers with best practices and thought leadership to create and implement digital transformation.

7 Steps Drive IT Financial Management Tool Success: Gartner® Report

Financial flows are an important aspect of decision making in an organization. To enable decision making, it is critical to create a comprehensive and consistent view of key figures. Subsequently, financial management must be directly integrated with the information flows that impact these figures to create a holistic, transparent and up-to-date data basis. “Seventy-four percent… Continue reading 7 Steps Drive IT Financial Management Tool Success: Gartner® Report

The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation

In restaurants, why is salting at the table not charged according to used grains of salt? Wouldn’t you as a guest find this fair and wouldn’t you change your salting behavior? When you translate professional methods into everyday life, it is often …

2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Architecture Tools

Enterprise architecture tools provide a company with a map of its technological infrastructure and processes. This map enables leaders to drive the transformation of their organization with focus, towards a clearly defined state. This journey is carried by transparency. As a Leader …

At the Organization’s Driver’s Seat with a Digital Twin

Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs) have garnered increasing attention among IT leaders across the world. Originally adopted from its ancestor, the Digital Twin, DTOs provide promising benefits for the management and steering of organizations, including the identification of …

The Bee Experience: Holistic Management Everywhere, Anytime

The management of projects has become more complex with various tools. In addition, our daily digital lives are becoming an increasingly complex tool landscape. An additional overhead comes from managing and collaborating on projects between different team members and device requirements.

Resilient Innovation Funding & New Ways of Working

The ever increasing speed in the digital era challenges the traditional modus operandi of IT organizations. Digital products and services must be developed in quick and iterative steps to match the speed of industries and ecosystems. This change in how we deliver …

Better Together: Holistic IT Management With Bee360 and ServiceNow

Your Enterprise established a mature IT Service Management using leading ITSM solutions e.g. from ServiceNow. However the need to steer and manage your organization goes beyond this and you face the task of selecting a suitable solution.

Critical Chain Multi-Project Management: Turning the Theory of Constraints into Practice with Bee360

Nowadays organisations are confronted with many challenges due to the increasing market dynamics and expectations. On the one hand they must ensure their running business and on the other hand they have to innovate and develop new business opportunities.