Predicts 2022: 3 Must Do’s for CIO Leadership


The pandemic seems to be in its final moves, yet the way we collaborate has changed drastically. The “new normal” appears to be what can be called a hybrid between digital and analog collaboration. Hence, certain challenges related to the topic of leadership will remain in the future. Control has to move for trust, offices will become socialization hubs instead of work places, and management capabilities will be increasingly decentralized. Gartner summarizes the three key leadership challenges for 2022 as follows:

Build your leadership capability by gaining a greater sense of self-awareness through the use of psychometrics, undertaking coaching, building time for reflection and actively seeking feedback.

Decouple management from the traditional manager role, having teams undertake management responsibility and leveraging existing managers’ skills in leadership roles, by reaping the benefits of business agility and hybrid work permanently.

Redesign the team’s day-to-day in order to combat loneliness and social isolation by rethinking team formation, support networks, training, measurement, incentives, recognition and culture.

Gartner 2022

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