Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs) experience increasing attention during the last five years and it does not seem to stop here. Companies adopt the concept to benefit from a holistic view that enables them to establish effective end-2-end management. The integrated perspective on strategic, organizational, processual, technical, financial, and legal aspects enables its users to learn and understand otherwise hidden dependencies. Gartner boils these aspects down to

Destination: Information about your desired destination and when you would like to arrive there

Map: A guide showin how to reach that desitination – your organization’s GPS will only be as good as its map database

Performance: An Indiation of how far along you are on you journey

Situation: Situational awareness (i.e., organizational awareness of roadblocks and challenges on the road ahead)

Value: Accurate information on your organization’s progress and situation to enable informed decision making

Gartner 2021

Integrating these aspects provides leaders with encompassing knowledge and effectively puts them in the driver’s seat of their organization, especially when striving for Operational Excellence, Cost or Enterprise Performance Optimization, Digital Business, or Customer Experience (=84.3 % of Gartner’s surveyed DTO use cases).

Most vendors1 entering the DTO market are coming from a single discipline, such as enterprise business process analysis (EBPA). Within EBPA, they focussed on individual aspects such as Strategy to Execution, Enterprise Architecture, or Business Process Analysis.

Bee360 differentiates from other vendors as it put the holistic view on an organization’s operating model at its heart. Together with our customers integrate and polish various management areas, such as Strategy Execution Management, Programm and Portfolio Management, Agile Product Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, and Financial Management. We follow the approach of second-best of breed but best of integration. Our modular approach via our Bee honey combs enables our customers to start their light-weight journey towards an DTO with individual management areas. This allows them to quickly realize value but leaves them the door open to flexibly expand and integrate further management areas as desired and required.

¹ 61.1% of vendors in this’ Gartner’s Market Guide are coming from an EBPA background.

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