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Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Dr. Julia SchreierAlex Betz

Driving Dimensions to Succeed Digital Transformation

Today’s business leaders are confronted with numerous existential challenges, of which digital transformation is among the most pressing to leverage on the chances and stay competitive. This paper is designed to support CEOs, COOs, CIOs, and decision makers with best practices and thought leadership to create and implement digital transformation.

Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Sönke ClaussenSvenja LangOliver BergiusJennifer Kaspar

Agiles Portfoliomanagement: Eine Schlüsselkomponente für Enterprise Agility

Agiles Portfoliomanagement ist eine Schlüsselkomponente für Enterprise Agility. Wir adressieren die Herausforderungen im agilen Portfoliomanagement und
präsentieren sowohl die entscheidenden Erfolgsfaktoren als auch das methodische Vorgehen
für eine effektive und wirkungsvolle Umsetzung.

blurr e1679665067338
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartSönke Claussen

Business Value Management

What is Business Value Management? We surveyed 39 CIOs to learn how the concept is currently seen and applied.

Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartSönke Claussen

BeeCore: The Principles of a Fast Execution

In the past we have seen recurrent periods of high volatility. Especially in the last two decades, we have experienced six major global market fluctuations. This means that a globally-operating organization is likely to experience a phase of high volatility

Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartSönke Claussen

BeeCore: Five Practices for Adaptive IT Governance

In today‘s VUCA world, neither strategies, nor leadership, nor ways of working are left untouched. Digital governance seeks to establish new ways of working to develop innovative digital products and services. In parallel with the new world, traditional ways of working focus

Bee360 Gartner MagicQuadrant EAP 2022
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Bee360 placed in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EAP Tools

We’re proud to announce that Bee360 is named in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools as a Niche Player. We believe that this confirms our path and our customers using Bee360 for their strategic and operational transformation. Why

7 Steps Drive IT Financial Management Tool Success Gartner Report grafic 1200 530
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

7 Steps Drive IT Financial Management Tool Success: Gartner® Report

Financial flows are an important aspect of decision making in an organization. To enable decision making, it is critical to create a comprehensive and consistent view of key figures. Subsequently, financial management must be directly integrated with the information flows that impact

Symposium Fallback Bild
Markus Egetenmeyr

Rapid Changing Work Environments

Markus Egetenmeyr, Head of Global IT Business Applications-Architecture and Business Partnering at Merz talks about the importance of employee empowerment and transparency within Bee360.

Dos CIOs Leadership Responsibilities
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Predicts 2022: 3 Must Do’s for CIO Leadership

The pandemic seems to be in its final moves, yet the way we collaborate has changed drastically. The “new normal” appears to be what can be called a hybrid between digital and analog collaboration. Hence, certain challenges related to the topic of

Bee360 WeBeenar The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation crisp
Katharina FleschMartin Scheliga

The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation

In restaurants, why is salting at the table not charged according to used grains of salt? Wouldn’t you as a guest find this fair and wouldn’t you change your salting behavior? When you translate professional methods into everyday life, it is often …