Bee360 placed in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EAP Tools

We’re proud to announce that Bee360 is named in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools as a Niche Player. We believe that this confirms our path and our customers using Bee360 for their strategic and operational transformation. Why do you need Enterprise Agile Planning Tools? “As enterprises continue their adoption of… Continue reading Bee360 placed in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EAP Tools

Rapid Changing Work Environments

Markus Egetenmeyr, Head of Global IT Business Applications-Architecture and Business Partnering at Merz talks about the importance of employee empowerment and transparency within Bee360.

One to Rule Them All: Adaptive Agile and Traditional Project Management the Bee Way

We live in times of constant change. Increasing connectivity and digital business opportunities require greater flexibility in implementation. For example, while design and initial implementation require an agile way of working, later adoption may suggest a waterfall approach.

Employee Centricity and Adaptive Collaboration

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Providing them the right tools and platforms to manage their daily tasks and project work context specifically is essential for successful collaboration. In addition, giving employees space for self-development and open communication ensures motivation and …

At the Organization’s Driver’s Seat with a Digital Twin

Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs) have garnered increasing attention among IT leaders across the world. Originally adopted from its ancestor, the Digital Twin, DTOs provide promising benefits for the management and steering of organizations, including the identification of …

The Bee Experience: Holistic Management Everywhere, Anytime

The management of projects has become more complex with various tools. In addition, our daily digital lives are becoming an increasingly complex tool landscape. An additional overhead comes from managing and collaborating on projects between different team members and device requirements.

Resilient Innovation Funding & New Ways of Working

The ever increasing speed in the digital era challenges the traditional modus operandi of IT organizations. Digital products and services must be developed in quick and iterative steps to match the speed of industries and ecosystems. This change in how we deliver …

Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks

The adoption of Enterprise Agile Frameworks increases. Digital leaders must chose how they design agile structures in their IT organization and company. The agile transition must be easy to implement, provide visible value, must be robust, and scalable. Enterprise Agile Frameworks promise to tackle these challenges for you. However, the question remains: which framework should… Continue reading Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks

Agile Product Management – How SAFe is Bee360?

Products vs Projects has been a heavily discussed topic in the last couple of years and the need for a product-oriented mindset and ways of working grows steadily in all different kinds of enterprises. Unlike a project, a product is not a temporary endeavor. …

Better Together: Holistic IT Management With Bee360 and ServiceNow

Your Enterprise established a mature IT Service Management using leading ITSM solutions e.g. from ServiceNow. However the need to steer and manage your organization goes beyond this and you face the task of selecting a suitable solution.