Better Together: Holistic IT Management With Bee360 and ServiceNow


Your Enterprise established a mature IT Service Management using leading ITSM solutions e.g. from ServiceNow. However the need to steer and manage your organization goes beyond this and you face the task of selecting a suitable solution. NTT Data (external Link) will show you a proven approach using best of breed Bee360 together with ServiceNow for their respective and complementary strengths – Steering and Operating.

– ServiceNow, best in class workflow management, ideal for efficient Operating gives you total control of your Services on a day to day basis.

Bee360, using our unique, recognized approach to create transparency, is ideal for Steering. The combination yields an integrated view of your Strategy, Portfolio, (IT) Finances, Architecture and connects these with your Services to steer your organization effectively.

The best solution does not have to be the most expensive solution. See smart ways how the strengths of 2 excellent solutions can be combined to an holistic IT Management.

In this WeBeenar let us show you the cost of missing out and how you improve the execution of your strategy using two powerhouses of their fields: ServiceNow and Bee360.

The ever increasing speed in the digital era challenges the traditional modus operandi of IT organizations. Digital products and services must be developed in quick and iterative steps to match the speed of industries and ecosystems. This change in how we deliver value points out implications towards organizational structures, how we coordinate work, degrees of freedom, technological structures, such as the right degree of coupling and focused automation, and, last but not least, financial management structures.

In their 2020 article “Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Create a Resilient Innovation Funding Model” the analysts from Gartner focus on the tension between new ways of working and traditional financial management approaches.

Interest in learning more about Gartner’s Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Create a Resilient Innovation Funding Model?
Gartner subscribers can read the full report here (external link).

We rely on the Market leaders Bee360 and ServiceNow for IT Management. The Integration of both systems provides extensive steering capabilities for our customers due to the holistic view on Service Management, ITFM, PPM, and EAM.

Summet Bhatia

NTT Data

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