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Bee360 Whitepaper Effective Resource Management Using the Bee360 Methodology crisp
Carolina BrüwerJan SecklerDr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Effective Resource Management Using the Bee360 Methodology

Corporate IT provides services in an environment characterized by high volatility and uncertainty. This is especially true in the context of a digital transformation, where IT must balance efficiency and agile innovation, and must manage resources flexibly

Bee360 WeBeenar WeBeenar Achieve Holistic IT Management With a DTO crisp
Philipp HansertMartina Echtler

Achieve Holistic IT Management With a Digital Twin of Your Organization

Can a digital twin of their organization (DTO) let CIOs and their executives instantly comprehend effects of changes in their organization, processes and structures, understanding the value versus cost? Is this a solution to centrally steer your organizations change

CMDU - Reprint - Gartner Market Guide for ITFM - 1200x530px
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Gartner Market Guide for ITFM Tools

The ITFM tool market is growing. The added transparency of ITFM tools enables IT leaders in guiding purposeful communication on the right level. ITFM tools do not come without challenges, though: The ever increasing speed in the digital era challenges the traditional

Bee360 Spotlight Basic banner crisp
Sönke ClaussenMartina Echtler

Adaptive Portfolio Management: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Control and Agility

Portfolio management focuses choosing the right path and taking the right steps. In portfolio management objects are presented transparently in a broad context to strategy, projects, products, goals, prioritization, resources, capabilities. But are we always sure to have the right mix of

CMDu - Reprint - Adaptive Portfolio Management with Bee360 - 1200x530px
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Adaptive Portfolio Management with Bee360

Governing portfolios is without doubt a high-level function but does not remain unaffected by a company’s need for ambidextrous ways of working. Especially product portfolios pose a challenge to the traditional prioritization logic as these portfolios unify operational, growth, and transformational topics.

Bee360 Whitepaper Efficiency vs. Differentiation
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartJan Seckler

Efficiency vs. Differentiation: Managing an Adaptive Demand Management

As a company’s size increases, so do its requirements for the demand management of an IT organization. IT leaders are faced with the task of providing demand management that consider local differentiation and overall efficiency as well as a stable operation.

CMDU - Reprint - Adaptive Product Management - 1200x530px
Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Adaptive Product Management with Bee360

Product management is complex. Managing a product throughout its lifecycle, from initial concept to end-of-life, requires different emphases on leadership styles, development methods, and metrics. Choosing the right data and metrics enables leaders to navigate to success. Larger organizations in particular can

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