Agile Product Management – How SAFe is Bee360?


Products vs Projects has been a heavily discussed topic in the last couple of years and the need for a product-oriented mindset and ways of working grows steadily in all different kinds of enterprises. Unlike a project, a product is not a temporary endeavor. Focusing on products helps you to flexibly adjust to changing requirements and emerging opportunities, focus on what is important, and deliver what is desired.

Establishing this so-called business agility is also promised by the widely known framework SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). But what is the core essence of the SAFe methodology? How can it be implemented in practice? And How SAFe is Bee360?

In this spotlight, we will show you how to manage your product portfolio, individual products, and product teams with Bee360. You will be given insights about multi-layered backlogs reaching from strategic portfolio level to agile teams which essentially drive outcomes, product maturity, and the digital capabilities of your enterprise.


  • What do Product-focus and Agility mean in the context of IT Management?

  • How is SAFe establishing a product-focused and agile way of working?

  • Demo: Agile Product Management in Bee360

  • Recap: SAFe practices and structures in Bee360

  • Q&A

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