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Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartUwe Herold

At the Organization’s Driver’s Seat with a Digital Twin

Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs) have garnered increasing attention among IT leaders across the world. Originally adopted from its ancestor, the Digital Twin, DTOs provide promising benefits for the management and steering of organizations, including the identification of …

CMDU Whitepaper Adaptive IT Governance With Bee360 crisp
Svenja LangDr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Adaptive IT Governance with Bee360

Technology innovation and changing customer expectations have reshaped the IT landscape over recent decades and will continue to do so. Developing, running, and continuously improving innovative digital products requires companies to focus on customer value and business benefits.

Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartSönke Claussen

BeeCore: The Principles of a Fast Execution

In the past we have seen recurrent periods of high volatility. Especially in the last two decades, we have experienced six major global market fluctuations. This means that a globally-operating organization is likely to experience a phase of high volatility

Bee360 Whitepaper Effective Resource Management Using the Bee360 Methodology crisp
Carolina BrüwerJan SecklerDr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Effective Resource Management Using the Bee360 Methodology

Corporate IT provides services in an environment characterized by high volatility and uncertainty. This is especially true in the context of a digital transformation, where IT must balance efficiency and agile innovation, and must manage resources flexibly

Bee360 Whitepaper Efficiency vs. Differentiation
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartJan Seckler

Efficiency vs. Differentiation: Managing an Adaptive Demand Management

As a company’s size increases, so do its requirements for the demand management of an IT organization. IT leaders are faced with the task of providing demand management that consider local differentiation and overall efficiency as well as a stable operation.

Bee360 Whitepaper The Bee Approach crisp
Dr. Corvin Meyer-BlankartSönke Claussen

BeeCore: Five Practices for Adaptive IT Governance

In today‘s VUCA world, neither strategies, nor leadership, nor ways of working are left untouched. Digital governance seeks to establish new ways of working to develop innovative digital products and services. In parallel with the new world, traditional ways of working focus

Bee4IT Whitepaper Without Commitments crisp
Sergej NeumannJonas Pfeifer

Without Commitments: How Rolling Forecasts Render Commitments Obsolete

Increasing IT costs in organizations makes it necessary to introduce appropriate control mechanisms for them. Frequently, especially in times of crisis, financial steering is based on commitments. On one hand, however, there is a risk that outstanding payment obligations will not be

CMDU Whitepaper Let´s Roll Kopie
Sergej NeumannKatharina FleschDr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Let’s Roll: How Rolling Forecasts Enable Agile Financial Management

The goal of financial management is to use financial resources efficiently in line with the corporate strategy. The basis for this is a transparent and integrated view of control-relevant data. Often, this perspective has to be created in a manual and time-consuming

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