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Symposium Fallback Bild
Markus Egetenmeyr

Rapid Changing Work Environments

Markus Egetenmeyr, Head of Global IT Business Applications-Architecture and Business Partnering at Merz talks about the importance of employee empowerment and transparency within Bee360.

Bee360 WeBeenar The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation crisp
Katharina FleschMartin Scheliga

The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation

In restaurants, why is salting at the table not charged according to used grains of salt? Wouldn’t you as a guest find this fair and wouldn’t you change your salting behavior? When you translate professional methods into everyday life, it is often …

Bee360 WeBeenar Better together crisp scaled
Sumeet BhatiaPhilipp Hansert

Better Together: Holistic IT Management With Bee360 and ServiceNow

Your Enterprise established a mature IT Service Management using leading ITSM solutions e.g. from ServiceNow. However the need to steer and manage your organization goes beyond this and you face the task of selecting a suitable solution.

Bee360 WeBeenar WeBeenar Achieve Holistic IT Management With a DTO crisp
Philipp HansertMartina Echtler

Achieve Holistic IT Management With a Digital Twin of Your Organization

Can a digital twin of their organization (DTO) let CIOs and their executives instantly comprehend effects of changes in their organization, processes and structures, understanding the value versus cost? Is this a solution to centrally steer your organizations change

Bee360 WeBeenar Holistic IT Management From Demand to Operation crisp
Philipp HansertMartina Echtler

Holistic IT Management From Demand to Operation

In this WeBeenar we will present a real-world scenario to show how quality and efficiency can go hand in hand. As part of the NTT Data ITSM Info Day, we will show how Bee4IT and Remedy can be used to establish financial

Data Driven Management of IT Organizations with Bee4IT
Sumeet BhatiaPhilipp Hansert

Data-Driven Management of IT Organizations

As a CIO or IT manager, you are confronted with different requirements today. Digital transformation and innovative topics must be driven forward, the operation of existing systems must be kept stable, and you are required to do nothing less than square the

Realize Resilience Header DSAG Online Session with Uwe Herold Clausmark 1
Uwe HeroldDr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart

Realize Resilience – Holistic IT Management in Practice @Miele

A common, integrated and consistent perspective on an IT organization enables the definition, coordination and implementation of holistic plans. On this basis, modern IT organizations can manage resiliently. Uwe Herold, Corporate Director Information Technology of Miele & Cie. KG, will show how

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