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  • Digital Twins of an Organization (DTO)

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  • IT Financial Management (ITFM)

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Symposium Fallback Bild
Markus Egetenmeyr

Rapid Changing Work Environments

Markus Egetenmeyr, Head of Global IT Business Applications-Architecture and Business Partnering at Merz talks about the importance of employee empowerment and transparency within Bee360.

Bee360 WeBeenar The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation crisp
Katharina FleschMartin Scheliga

The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation

In restaurants, why is salting at the table not charged according to used grains of salt? Wouldn’t you as a guest find this fair and wouldn’t you change your salting behavior? When you translate professional methods into everyday life, it is often …

Bee360 WeBeenar Better together crisp scaled
Sumeet BhatiaPhilipp Hansert

Better Together: Holistic IT Management With Bee360 and ServiceNow

Your Enterprise established a mature IT Service Management using leading ITSM solutions e.g. from ServiceNow. However the need to steer and manage your organization goes beyond this and you face the task of selecting a suitable solution.

Bee360 WeBeenar WeBeenar Achieve Holistic IT Management With a DTO crisp
Philipp HansertMartina Echtler

Achieve Holistic IT Management With a Digital Twin of Your Organization

Can a digital twin of their organization (DTO) let CIOs and their executives instantly comprehend effects of changes in their organization, processes and structures, understanding the value versus cost? Is this a solution to centrally steer your organizations change

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