Engaging, Enabling and Building the Future: How to Position Process Management as Rosetta Stone in Your Organization


Process Management is a domain in which most corporations spend a lot of money receiving very little value. Very often it is used isolated by IT, Audit, or other functions to describe the workflows on a detailed level which is not suitable for consumption by the end users.

In this Spotlight we show the integrated process management in Bee360/Bee4IT. Using the process models as an integrated part of the user trainings as well as a central design element for building new processes bridges the gap between these multiple stakeholder groups. Having a common process oriented approach between IT and the Business will also speed up surrounding processes like demand management.


  • Introduction of Speakers

  • Content

  • Engaging, Enabling, Building the Future

  • Live Demo

  • Simple: Onboarding of New Employees

  • Process Management and Documentation

  • Demand Management

  • User Enablement

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