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Svenja Lang

Svenja Lang

IT Management Consultant

With her extensive knowledge about agility, product-focused management, and customer-centric product development, Svenja offers new and impelling perspectives on IT management. Her academical and practical background in engineering, management and IT strengthen her analytical and system thinking skills, and enable her to shape the right ways of working for any given underlying conditions.

Adaptive IT Governance with Bee360

Technology innovation and changing customer expectations have reshaped the IT landscape over recent decades and will continue to do so. Developing, running, and continuously improving innovative digital products requires companies to focus on customer value and business benefits.

Agile Product Management – How SAFe is Bee360?

Products vs Projects has been a heavily discussed topic in the last couple of years and the need for a product-oriented mindset and ways of working grows steadily in all different kinds of enterprises. Unlike a project, a product is not a temporary endeavor. …