Execute Your Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategies are increasingly coming into the focus of decision-makers. The strategic portfolio must be adopted and ways must be found quickly to drive the execution of the new streams. New business models are waiting to be explroed in order to nurture digital innovation and drive customer engagement.

The well-laid plans organizations had were quickly made irrelevant.
Being adaptive and responding quickly to change is the key to navigating this disruption. The focus of business strategy has been shifted away from some ideal future state and the roadmaps to get there, toward architecting the organization to be adaptive — innovation has become strategy.

Gartner 2020

The implementation of innovation is fundamentally different from the operation of the incumbent. New ways of working set a new pace to methodically reduce uncertainty in data-driven and customer-centric iterative steps. The new mode becomes additionally challenging by the “new normal”, which is predominantly characterized by remote interactions with customers and partners. Learn more about the core areas of innovation as a strategy within this Gartner report (download below).

While the related areas of innovation as a strategy are often known today, the realization and management of the execution of established functions remains a challenge; the new pace and focus places demands on the existing strategy execution management, portfolio management, demand management, delivery, operation, resource management, EAM, and financial management. Arrange a Bee360 demo with us if you are interested in seeing how innovation strategies can be managed and executed holistically.

Interest in learning more about Gartner’s 2020 Hype Cycle Special Report: Innovation as Strategy? Gartner subscribers can read the full report here (external link).