Bee360 named in Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture 2020


Markets across various industries are impacted by the dynamics of the pandemic. Companies respond by adapting to the digital new-normal. Planning and realizing these adaptions is enabled by an organization’s enterprise architecture. Within this context, the role of architects changes from the keeper of architectural styles towards the role of an enabler: “Agile and digital are forcing this role and other types of “architects” to analyze how they support solution delivery.” (Gartner 2020)

Let’s see, how this change in the EA role may have translated to changes in the EA hype cycle 2020:

Things as customers has returned to the Hype Cycle after a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic, yet this innovation is expected to take more than 10 years to reach the plateau. Business ecosystem modeling, innovation management, security architecture and customer journey analytics are prepeak — all are expected to plateau in two to five years. The pandemic has stalled or slowed the advancement of some innovation profiles toward the plateau (e.g., business capability modeling, business architecture, EA governance, information architecture, and solutions architecture). Each has deep roots in EA and is approaching the Trough of Disillusionment, before achieving significant impact in the long term.

Gartner 2020

Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture 2020 Header

Clausmark Mentioned as Sample Vendor for Enterprise Architecture Tools

Gartner lists Clausmark as a sample vendor for enterprise architecture tools within the context of the 2020 EA hypecycle. We believe that this confirms our path of holistic IT Management. Our product Bee4IT combines the relevant management areas to understand and steer based on the implications between, e.g., enterprise architecture, strategy execution management, program and portfolio management, and IT financial management.

Bee4IT connects the EA perspective with the solution delivery perspective. We provide information about projects, design thinking initiatives, digital services, and much more, that change and are being run on an EA. Bee4IT enables to align architectural changes with solution delivery, with the different strategies of an IT organization, operative and strategic resource planning, and an long-term and agile financial management. After all, everything needs to fit together, to enable fast and effective solution delivery, right?

Interest in learning more about Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture 2020? Gartner subscribers can read the full report here (external link).