Ways of Working – Shaping Projects, Products and Beyond


There are different ways of working in the context of project or product management. Most discussions distinguish between the traditional ways and the agile ways in regards to conduction. It seems like two worlds colliding, but are they really?

The management of projects and products exists on different levels. Products neither have a dedicated starting, nor an end point, whereas projects do. Scrum, for example, is a framework for product development and not a project procedure. If it was, it would provide help for initialising or ending a project. With this in mind, we can see where the traditional project management provides the parts that are also important for a project, especially where the agile framework has no solution.

Hence, we have to acknowledge that the right mix, the tailoring along the individual alignment of the workforce, projects, products, services and the architecture of each company make the difference. Only when continuous adaptation is part of the mindset, reflections and considerations, a company is able to successfully tackle these challenges. Bee4IT is able to bridge the gaps between the different ways of working and provides the degree of transparency on all levels to act accordingly which we will demonstrate in this spotlight.


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