How a Focus on Value Streams Reshapes the Understanding of Traditional EA


The enterprise architecture provides the platform for delivering business outcomes and customer value. However, traditional EA frameworks take a static architectural perspective that often is driven by rules, patterns, and metrics. This perspective neither reflects the dynamic environment nor does it focus on the value streams that deliver the aforementioned outcomes.

A lean and agile EA is required to overcome these challenges. This new kind of EA differentiates from the traditional approach by viewing the world from a value stream perspective. It is this focus that enables the EA to identify organizational and technological dependencies that impair customer centricity and time-to-market.

Bee4IT solves the challenges by providing smarter EA. Instead of focussing on architectural rules and patterns, we connect with the reality of those who live and drive a value stream. This end-2-end view enables our product’s users to understand the implications of transient dependencies inherent to a highly dynamic environment and to effectively cut out waste.

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