Controlling Dashboard – All Information at Your Fingertips

The Controlling Dashboard is designed to access all relevant Controlling information from a single user’s interface and manage related Controlling activities accordingly. It provides not only information about financial planning/forecasting, but also enables editing this data in the same place.

Contract & Suppliers – Balancing Efficiency and Innovation

The right sourcing and cooperation model depends on several factors. The supply of commodity products and services can be optimized primarily on a cost basis. However, providing differentiating products, processes, and services is more exploratory in its nature

Resource Management – Provide the right Capacities

Transparency about capacity allocation within corporate IT enables targeted sourcing. In this Spotlight, we will show how to manage changing capacity requirements – whether by purchasing external employees during peak periods or by long-term skill development. Furthermore, we show financial implications within our integrated system to provide a consistent view and enable common dialogues from different perspectives. Agenda… Continue reading Resource Management – Provide the right Capacities


Delivery Efficiency & Reliability with the demand-to-release process in Bee4IT – The seamless and tool-supported alignment between IT experts and business departments increases the efficiency and reliability of your deliverables. Change requests are structured according to the enterprise architecture

Category Dashboard

The Bee4IT Category Dashboard is designed to provide senior management with a high-level overview of the portfolio and financial KPIs in regards to their area of responsibility. Additionally, the category responsible has quick access to pending execution item approvals.