Data-Driven Management of IT Organizations


As a CIO or IT manager, you are confronted with different requirements today. Digital transformation and innovative topics must be driven forward, the operation of existing systems must be kept stable, and you are required to do nothing less than square the circle.

IT Financial Management Tools (ITFM) are indispensable helpers in a complex environment to keep control even in rough seas. They help to make data-driven decisions at (top) management level. Goals and strategies are set by consensus and stringently executed. The return to normal operations is also controlled with the available up-to-date key figures.

In this web seminar, Sumeet Bhatia (NTT DATA) and Philipp Hansert (Bee360) will introduce you to suitable approaches with which you can answer these questions with regard to your enterprise architecture, IT budgets, resources, external partners and deliverables, and many more, organization-wide, reliably and continuously at the right level of aggregation in order to effectively manage your IT organization.

The content at a glance:

  • How can the ITFM tool Bee4IT provide transparency and overview of IT control parameters?

  • How do they connect enterprise architecture, programs / projects, budgets, resources and deliverables?

  • What are the advantages for the CIO and the IT organization?

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Please note that this web seminar will be available in German.