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Martin Scheliga

Martin Scheliga

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The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Cost Allocation

In restaurants, why is salting at the table not charged according to used grains of salt? Wouldn’t you as a guest find this fair and wouldn’t you change your salting behavior? When you translate professional methods into everyday life, it is often …

Effective Enterprise Architecture – What’s Value in EA?

The goal of Enterprise Architecture is to shape the transformation of the organization and help it take the right steps along the way. The architects’ path is often dominated by modeling and presenting their findings to the right stakeholders. They exert influence …

Controlling Dashboard – All Information at Your Fingertips

The Controlling Dashboard is designed to access all relevant Controlling information from a single user’s interface and manage related Controlling activities accordingly. It provides not only information about financial planning/forecasting, but also enables editing this data in the same place.

Contract & Suppliers – Balancing Efficiency and Innovation

The right sourcing and cooperation model depends on several factors. The supply of commodity products and services can be optimized primarily on a cost basis. However, providing differentiating products, processes, and services is more exploratory in its nature